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Saturday, 9 October 2010


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Oh my...

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Well once again Microsoft has ruined my life and broke my computer. On top of that Nokia kicked me when I was down and broke my phone this leaves me unable to upload photos via Flickr or post my typed up lyrics. good job I always start off on a hard copy so all is not lost. So until I can afford a Mac I had to trawl the bowels of the intertubes for stock photos of the kit I'm currently rocking and a bit about my musical background. This here is what I do my writing on, (quite literally since I also use it as a desk on my lap). This here is a Tanglewood TD-8 acoustic.


I really want an electro acoustic but this was an impulse buy that sounds like heaven.

Anyhoo I'm a bassist really so this next bit of kit is the bomb-dizzle. Ladies and Gentlemans, Boys and No-tails, meet your new god...


Like I say I'm using stock photos so this is not the exact one. Mine has the double humbuckers but you get the idea.

I've been playing for 9 years give or take and am grade 6 in bass (rockschool) with a grade 5 in music theory (ABRSM). Been in many a band mainly gigging covers but had lots of experience in writing. Like I said in a previous post I have the shit out my system and these Weapons Of Mass Sexy are my means, I'm working towards the ends.


  • It's with a heavy heart that I must Depart.

Friday, 1 October 2010


Things are taking shape now, I have the outline down for the first track so far titled 'The Beginners Guide To Haste'. It will take a lot of working out to get the niggly bits that make a song sound complete. But that is a task for another day. Currently listening to a lot of Death Cab and The cure so that might have influenced it a bit. Probably not though. No rough recordings yet as I am away for a bit. I do have photos of the kit I'm using in this early stage but flickr wont upload them so instead here's a picture of a cat in a Stella case.



Now I'm off.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Training The Black Dog

After numerous attempts over many years to write decent music I found myself at the level of a 13 year old dog that should be put down. But now, the bullshit is out of the way. This is the place where I will be posting updates and sneak peaks then hopefully, depending on how it pans out full downloads. Free of charge. I would like to tell you what the genre and idea's are but at this point I really don't know. I'm excited, I'll see you all at the end if I survive.